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You're in good hands!

Frequently Asked Questions


There are many different specific treatments aside from the Custom Blend Facial, all designed to tackle very specific and personalized skin concerns:

~Custom Blend Facial for almost any basic skin concern and beyond 

~Firm & Lift Facial for sagging skin

~Calming Facial for visible capillaries and redness

~Depigmenting and Brightening Facial for dark spots and hyperpigmentation

~VitaMineral Deep Detox Facial to detoxify congested, dull sluggish or lazy skin

~Pollution Neutralizing Facial to target and revive prematurely aged skin

~Acne Clearing Treatment for congested, broken out skin

~Ultra-Detox Chemical Peels for those with dull, rough-textured skin, chronic blackheads, enlarged pores, excessive milia,      lines, and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation

Even these treatments are Custom Blended to further target your specific needs. We don't believe in off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all facials. ALL of our facials are personalized only for you: your environment, your lifestyle, your age, your stress level. It's skin care made for you – not your friend, not your neighbor – no one else.

Even if your aesthetician doesn't ask each one of these questions, make sure you should still give her this information:

~Your diet (including recent changes)

~Current medications (especially if you've started a new one recently)


~Medical conditions

~Lifestyle choices

~Recent plastic surgeries or procedures

~Activity level

~At-home skin care routine

~Stress level

~Past skin reactions

~What you want to get out of this pro facial

It's important to answer each of these questions with in depth answers to give her the full picture and properly prepare for a facial. Your aesthetician will be making her own observations in addition to the information you provide and will perform a SkinReading every single time you get a facial. SkinReading is our signature technique for "reading" your skin for any information you may have forgotten to tell us. This helps our aestheticians determine the right type of salon facial for you.

Regardless of what type of facial you received, your aesthetician should put together a specific at-home care agenda for you– so make sure you follow it. These directions are based on your skin concerns, your skin type, and any special instructions needed with the specific type of facial you've received. They will help continue and maximize the results you achieved during your facial. For example, if you received the Bioelements Calming Facial your aesthetician will probably recommend you start a sensitive skin routine to keep the skin calm and comfortable. To ensure you get the best care possible, make sure to give your asthetician as much information as you can about your skin, lifestyle, and expectations. Your aesthetician will work with you to help you achieve the skin you've always wanted.

You should avoid hitting the gym after your facial for about 24 hours because you might over stimulate the skin due to sweating and increased circulation.  You'll also want to give your skin a break from exfoliation for 48 hours. This is because your skin experiences a professional level of exfoliation during your spa facial and you don't want to over exfoliate. When you do exfoliate or even cleanse the skin next, make sure to not scrub too hard. Always be gentle to your skin, especially after a facial. You can wear makeup after a facial, but your skin will be more sensitive so stick to makeup that isn't perfumed and doesn't have ingredients that would clog pores or lead to breakouts. 

We have additional information available in our blog section of the menu. Please feel free to call or email us with anything not fully addressed to your satisfaction. We understand that trusting us with your skincare is a big deal and we want you to feel confident that your treatment will deliver results in a way that safely takes into consideration any precautionary adjustments that may be necessary to avoid reactions or otherwise undesirable outcomes as a result of your treatment. At East Hill Massage and Aesthetics, you're in good hands!