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Lash & Brow
Lift & Tint

Envious lashes in the blink of an eye

Lash Lift and Tint

The lash lift and tint is an instant makeover for your lashes. Offering dramatic curl and color to your lashes, it’s the perfect alternative to high maintenance lash extensions. The lash lift and tint gives you the appearance of extensions without the fuss and the tint of lashes coated with mascara and best of all, there’s no maintenance or aftercare! Schedule your lash lift and tint today and walk out with perky, fluttery lashes in the blink of an eye!



Lash Lift/Tint & Brow Wax/Tint

A dramatic makeover for your lashes and your brows. This semi-permanent alternative to the daily routine of shading in your eyebrows gives you that finished look for weeks. Paired with our lash lift and tint for luscious lashes and brows, hassle free!