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How to choose anti-aging skincare for YOUR skin

There are countless anti-aging products on the market – but how do you decide which ones are right for your skin? 

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Don't sedate...stimulate!

The foundation of youth is in your bloodstream. Challenge the skin. Don't sedate, stimulate!

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The benefits of Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is an approach to massage therapy based in both compassion and specialized massage treatments to help people manage their experience with cancer.

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How to make life easier: 7 insanely easy skin hacks

Think you don't have the time or patience for a complete, effective skin care routine? Think again, they actually make the rest of your daily routine easier, too. Read on for 7 easy skin hacks from the skin care pros:

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Concealer that doesn't crease: The one trick you need to know

We'll let you in on a little secret: the trick to getting a concealer that doesn't crease is the right skin care!

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