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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

30 min-$50/60 min-$80/90 min-$100

 The most well-known modality. The use of manual techniques to encourage the circulation of blood and lymph, loosen tight muscles and connective tissue, and promote relaxation. The relaxing nature of this type of massage makes it a good choice for someone getting their first massage, looking for a massage that will leave them feeling pampered, or for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, or fatigue.

Deep Tissue

60 min-$90/90 min-$110

Deep tissue massage is a popular modality among chronic pain sufferers with painful adhesions ("knots") in the muscle fibers. This form of massage, focusing on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, is typically accompanied by a series of orthopedic stretches to maximize the benefits of this treatment by increasing range of motion, reducing inflammation in the joints and relieving tension; all of which subsequently have their own list of additional benefits.


60 min-$90/90 min-$110

Aromatherapy massage is a bit like a Swedish massage, but incorporates the use of highly concentrated oils that have been used throughout history for their health-promoting properties. One or more oils are picked, based on your needs at the time, and mixed with a carrier oil or applied directly to the skin. This type of massage blends manual techniques with the additional benefits from essential oils.

Sports Massage

60 min-$90/90 min-$110

Focusing on the needs of the athlete, this type of massage blends manipulation of muscles with several types of stretches. It aids in recovery from activity related injuries and helps protect the body from future injuries by increasing the muscle’s potential and removing the excess toxins released by the muscles when they are challenged by increased activity levels.

Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes $135

An ancient Chinese technique, hot stone massage is the perfect modality to soothe, relax and de-stress on the massage table. After warming your body with some traditional Swedish massage techniques, your massage therapist will use basalt stones as an extension of their hands to massage your muscles. The stones will warm your body and loosen your muscles to allow for a release of tension and stress without adding extra pressure. The feeling is both highly relaxing and therapeutic. Many clients benefit through an elevated mood and strengthened circulation that comes from the heat of the stones creating greater blood flow. Utilizing the hot stone techniques also can aid in relieving chronic aches and pains that never seem to really go away.

Oncology Massage

60 minutes $80

Oncology Massage is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and its treatment. Adaptations to massage are required for the increased risk of lymphedema, the possibility of DVT and blood clots, low blood cell count, radiation or surgery, medications, medical devices, as well as many other potentially complicated adverse effects that may arise. Many cancer treatments require long-term modifications to facilitate the advantages of oncology massage in a way that will incorporate additional precautions for the safety and comfort of the client. Massage benefits can include a reduction of pain and fatigue, decreased anxiety and nausea, improved sleep, eased isolation, enhanced body image, and a greater sense of well-being.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

30 min-$55/60 min-$90/90 min-$125

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle, yet effective technique that stimulates the lymphatic system to promote the removal of body toxins and excess fluid from the tissues by speeding the flow of lymph up to 100x the normal rate. MLD is an important part of treatment for lymphedema and the management of other edemas due to its propensity to move fluid. But MLD has other characteristics that have significant therapeutic advantages other than decongesting the tissue. It has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body, speeds post-operative healing while improving the outcome, and has an analgesic effect, just to name a few.


30 min-$55/Cellulite treatment-$35 or package of 4-$100

This therapy utilizes glass or polycarbonate cups to create suction on the body surface. These cups are moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping and rotating techniques while gently pulling up on the cup, and are parked for a short time to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release. This suction pulls inflammation and toxins toward the surface so that the lymphatic system can eliminate them. Scar tissues often release quickly, despite the age of the injury or keloid tendencies. The separation that the vacuum produces in tissue layers enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue, which is invaluable in pre- and post-surgery treatments.