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Facials & Peels

Skincare so personalized, it may as well have your name on it.

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Custom Blend Facial 

60 minutes ~ $85

There’s no facial more personalized to your needs than this. A fusion of science, natural botanicals, aromatherapist oils and luxurious techniques customized with clinical strength ingredients uniquely designed to deliver results. The first step starts with Skin Reading® determining your concerns and skin goals, followed by invigorating cleansing, exfoliation and skin sedation, a custom blended aromatherapeutic facial massage, plus a power treatment and mask targeted to your concerns.

Custom Blend Facial with Microdermabrasion

60 minutes ~ $90

Our Custom Blend Facial with microdermabrasion, a non-invasive exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves your skin feeling softer and looking brighter. This gentle yet effective treatment is an ideal choice for those who are seeking to improve age spots, black heads, and hyperpigmentation; reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores; and treat acne and the scars left by acne. Microdermabrasion also helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion.

Custom Blend Facial with Dermaplane

80 minutes ~ $115

Our Custom Blend Facial with the added benefits of dermaplaning, a superior level of exfoliation involving the use of a scalpel to carefully remove up to 20 layers of the skin’s epidermis layer. This removes any fine hairs & surface imperfections while stimulating collagen production. The result is healthier, tighter, silky smooth skin with a radiant glow. This painless procedure lessens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), & acne scarring with no downtime!

Acne Clearing Facial

60 minutes ~ $85

An absolute must whether you have chronic acne, hormonal induced breakouts or simply clogged pores and blackheads. This treatment begins with a SkinReading®, followed by deep pore cleansing and exfoliation to target any breakouts, and a salicylic acid medicated power treatment and sulfur Amino Mask with enzymes, AHA’s, antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This effective treatment will help fight acne, heal and prevent blemishes, and soothe the skin

Firm & Lift Facial

60 minutes ~ $85

A one-of-a-kind treatment designed to lift and sculpt the look of sagging, aging skin. A SkinReading® consultation will evaluate your most urgent concerns, followed by deep cleansing and exfoliation to prepare your skin for clinical ingredients. We’ll intensify the treatment with an application of our powerfully active Bioelements Flaxx-C Firming Mask, designed to lift and tighten. You’ll see and feel the renewing benefits immediately, as poor elasticity, dullness and lines improve.

Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel

65 minutes ~ $100

The skin you want is under the skin you see. Reveal it with our powerful, acid-hybrid peel. You'll undo years of damage without the redness, flaking, or actual "peeling" of the skin from a traditional peel. Our advanced peel technology removes the uppermost layers of the skin at a microscopic level, to tighten, unclog pores, improve lines and leave skin with a younger, velvety smooth texture. Plus, you'll benefit from detoxifying activated charcoal to draw out impurities.

Radiance Rescue Facial 

60 minutes ~ $85

Want instant-radiance? This facial is designed to wake up your skin and deliver an enviable glow as it improves lines, hydration and under eye puff. You'll experience an invigorating deep cleanse, refreshing exfoliation, and a Youth Renewal Massage. Next, a pro-concentrated radiance power treatment and mask will indulge your skin with a luminous glow. A must-book treatment before any big event – or any time you want radiant skin.

Depigmenting & Brightening Facial

60 minutes ~ $85

Make evening out out skin tone and fading dark spots a priority with this high-tech facial the features more than max levels of skin brighteners with proven results. It starts with a thorough cleansing followed by an exfoliation treat custom blended just for you. Next, a clinical-strength LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector is penetrated deep into skin where dark spots are formed, followed by an activated charcoal mask to help penetrate the active ingredients.

Calming Facial

60 minutes ~ $85

Designed for skin that’s stressed, red or delicate, this advanced facial is the best of both worlds: it’s incredibly calming, as it advocates for a strong, healthy barrier. Clean, clinical ingredients triple-target sensitivities, as active strengtheners nourish skin’s barrier. The ultimate corrective facial for chronic sensitivities, event-based sensitization, or preemptive care.

Back Facial

50 minutes ~ $90

Worried about bacne? This targeted treatment zeros in on breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads on the back. A personal SkinReading® is followed by impurity-purging cleansing and an effective exfoliation with potent salicylic acid formulas. Then our acne healing, sulfur Amino Mask is applied to calm and clear active breakouts. 

Teen Facial with Brow Wax

45 min ~ $75

Take your mind off the daily pressures of school, tests and responsibilities with this transformative facial designed specifically for teen skin – to target stress-related breakouts, dark circles, and dullness. We'll help reset your skin with consciously clean, cruelty-free formulas. You'll experience a deep cleansing and exfoliation– plus, we'll gently extract unwanted blemishes. You'll see how the right formulas can help you embrace your natural skin and see long term, healthy results.

Gentleman's Facial

45 minutes ~ $75

A customized treatment designed to keep your skin looking its very best. It begins with a Bioelements SkinReading®, followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation to target any breakouts, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Next, a custom blended Bioelements mask will be applied to soothe, balance and tone your skin. All this, plus a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. You’ll emerge looking and feeling like a million bucks!

Facial Upgrades



A non-invasive exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves your skin feeling softer and looking brighter. A gentle yet effective treatment that renews overall skin tone and texture.

Eye treatment


Smooth the look of crows feet, brighten dark circles and depuff with this anti-aging add-on treatment designed to deliver instant results. Perfect for anytime you want fresh, bright and younger-looking eyes.

Lip Treatment


An invigorating scrub to exfoliate the lips, removing dead skin and smoothing its surface, followed by a powerful collagen mask which provides a 72-hour moisture reservoir that enhances its protective barrier.

Scalp Massage With High Frequency 


This fabulous upgrade takes your facial to the next level. Indulge in serenity as your stress melts away, your hair growth is stimulated, and the condition of the scalp is rejuvenated.